Thursday, September 17, 2009

"The President's Assasin" by Brian Haig

[[ASIN:0446617113 The President's Assassin]]

I admit it. I'm addicted to Brian Haig. In the past two weeks I've read every book he's written (well, I'm almost done with "Man in the Middle") and I'll probably go into withdrawal until he releases a new book, as I've already read "The Hunted."

In this outing, our hero Sean Drummond has sufficiently annoyed his bosses that they've loaned him out to the CIA. That doesn't stop his wise-cracking, smart-mouthed tactic, however.

The book opens with a murder scene (a particularly bad one) and the clock starts ticking on a seeming threat to the president's life.

Drummond is paired with a by-the-book FBI agent who is also an ace profiler. And Drummond is angry about these murders (more come in the following days). Not so much the political ones as the senseless murders of a Secret Service agent, the brutality shown by the killers, and more. The crimes quickly escalate and a suspect is identified. To say more here would be a spoiler, but Haig truly makes you feel the pain of the victims no one seems to care about and you understand his anger.

I read this book, as usual, in about a day or so. Drummond reminds me of John Corey, the hero in Nelson DeMille's novels (Plum Island, The Lion's Game). As I've rushed through Haig's books I don't understand why I never heard of him before and why he isn't a top name author. He really is that good. I hope he comes out with another book soon. I am thoroughly enjoying "Man in the Middle." Review to come soon, along with others of the previous books in this series. This one will leave you guessing up until the end, though you might have a clue about the bad guy.

Highly recommended.