Sunday, November 14, 2010


November is epilepsy awareness month, and I'm trying desperately to get an excerpt of my book, "Epilepsy Sucks," finished before the end of the month so anyone interested can download it and see if they might want to read the whole thing. Problem is, I have this damn condition that slows me down and tends to interfere with my life at the most inconvenient times. Did I mention that I have epilepsy?

That being stated, I do plan to have an excerpt available. (I'm putting myself on deadline here). It may just be a taste, but I hope for some feedback as I continue writing.

This is not going to be a technical book, and it's not going to be my life story. I do plan to cover my experience with epilepsy, and the various treatments, types of seizures, as well as describe as best as possible what it's like to have your mind feel out of control. It sucks. But for the most part, those of us in this place are trying to take control. This is a very unique condition, as you'll discover.

I hope you read this book. Chances are someone you know either has epilepsy or cares for someone who does. Or, God forbid, you get it. I was 31 when it blind-sided me and changed my life.

Tracy L. Karol

P.S. Excerpts will be available on my website, and at my Facebook page, link to the right.
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