Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dallas Cowboys!

By Tracy L. Karol

Well, for what it's worth, the Cowboys pulled out a win for the final game of the season. (How 'Bout Them Cowboys?!) It was one game I could watch without worries about any of my Fantasy Football players, since the championship game (after the playoffs) was last week, and I came in second place. Not bad for my first season.

I think all Cowboys fans breathed a collective sigh of relief when Jerry Jones finally fired Wade Phillips. Not that the former head coach isn't a nice guy, but he just might be too nice to be a head coach. At least in Dallas, and certainly for Jerry Jones. Jason Garrett has more than proved himself capable of the permanent job, and after proving that he can work with Jerry Jones for several years already, we don't have to worry about personality clashes. Let's all just hope JJ makes the right decision.

With Tony Romo looking healthy again (and engaged, so hopefully his head will be fully in the game), and some top draft picks, next season should be much better than this sadly disappointment turned out to be. Pick up some offensive linemen and a good defensive coordinator and the Dallas Cowboys will be back. We still have powerful weapons like Jason Witten, Demarcus Ware, Miles Austin, Dez Bryant, and many others.

Sadly, the situation with the Texas Longhorns doesn't look as promising. Quarterback Garrett Gilbert hasn't proven to be the breakout he looked like he might when he filled in for an injured Colt McCoy during the National Championship last year. Colt McCoy, however, has proven himself in the few games he started for the Cleveland Browns.

It's been an interesting football year, both in the NFL and the NCAA. I'll be watching the playoffs, though none of my favorite teams are in it. I'm rooting for the New York Jets -- I grew a fond spot for them during the Fantasy season.

Good luck to you with your teams. As for me, I'll always be a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan, and never abandon my alma mater, the Texas Longhorns. Hook 'Em!