Saturday, April 2, 2011

Koran Burning Leads to More Violence

So an obscure so-called pastor in Florida has decided to make a name for himself by burning the Koran and now violence in Afghanistan and other areas is worse than ever.

Terry Jones, the pastor, announced last year that he was going to burn Korans. After public pressure not to do so, he finally backed down and agreed that he and his little band of followers would not pull such a stupid stunt while we are in the middle of a war and our troops are fighting over there.

But Jones changed his mind two weeks ago and actually -- get this -- put the Koran on "trial" and found it "guilty," as if he has the right to do so in the first place. The punishment was to burn the Koran. Now, just as expected, violence has spread, uprisings are worse than ever, our troops are in more danger (and they are spread way too thin as it is) and reports have already come in of beheadings.

I know many of you will say, so what if he burned the Koran? You hate Islam, you hate everything to do with it. I hate the way Islam has been perverted. I hate when any religion is perverted into extremism (the same could be said for Jones and his followers). Some Muslims over there have fought with us and vowed never to turn Taliban. They don't hate America. Yes, many do. I'm not going to argue that point. I am disgusted when I see people in other countries burning our flag, or burning Bibles. Why should we resort to the same? We shouldn't.

The end result is that now our troops, along with civilian works, UN workers, and others caught up in the mix are in more danger than in months. Some who may have come home will not make it. Terry Jones has gotten Americans killed. He didn't pull the trigger and he didn't use the blade, but he incited what he knew would be riots and he knew would endanger our troops. I doubt they appreciate his actions.

I've heard from some who say they are fine with what he did, that there will always be someone, it is free speech, and we can't stop them...well these soldiers, sailors and marines are the reason he has that freedom so maybe he should consider that before he does something as dangerous as put their lives at risk.

As for me, I think Terry Jones is an attention-seeking moron who just cost American and other allied lives, and more will be lost in the coming days and weeks. He should be in jail. This should not be allowed during the middle of a war. But maybe that's just my common sense kicking in, and the fact that someone I love is fighting over there. How about we drop ole' Terry off in the middle and let him burn his Koran right in Afghanistan, and see how long he lasts? If he wants to play the game, let him step into the fire, not play it from the comfort of his cozy Florida home.