Thursday, August 20, 2009

"The Whole Truth" by David Baldacci

Reviewed by Tracy L. Karol

Baldacci is back in top form with "The Whole Truth." I was not a big fan of the Stone books, but this was Baldacci back at his best. In an international thriller dealing with the topic of "perception management," (this of is as extreme public relations, but with spins that are outright lies) Baldacci masterfully introduces a topic that is widely known and used in politics but not to the general public. It could be, in fact, how the last election was won (though not, obviously, through a fictious war -- possibly through financial misdeeds). The truth doesn't matter to the bad guys in this novel -- only the perception of the truth and what it can do for them in the public's opinion. The bad guy needs a war, so he has a team manufacture one for him so he can continue to sell his weapons. There are even references to real-life events. This is one book everyone should read if they want to know how politics really work.

I hope Baldacci continues writing in this style. It was truly one of my favorites, and though I read it months ago and am just now getting around to writing the review, I plan to read it again to remind myself what is at stake. And, of course, for the pure please of his writing.