Thursday, August 20, 2009

"Secret Sanction" by Brian Haig "Can You Handle the Truth?"

Reviewed by Tracy L. Karol

OK I couldn't resist the title of this review. I am so glad Amazon offered a "freebie" deal on Brian Haig's books (buy one, get one free) or I would never have discovered this wonderful author. His style truly reminds me of a mix between Nelson DeMille and Robert Crais. I LOVED the character of Sean Drummond.

First, the plot, which has probably been covered extensively since this book was written so many years ago. Drummond is a JAG attorney assigned to determine whether a group of special forces troops in the Balkans should be prosecuted for crimes (they supposedly massacred a bunch of Serbs).

You should know a bit about Haig. He is the son of Alexander Haig, former SecState to Reagan. He also worked under Nixon. Some of this seeps through in Brian Haig's writing. He refers to Drummond's father as someone who loved Nixon, but he also seems to respect him very much.

This book is about duty, honor and country and could easily be written today. Those who march for peace will probably not like parts of it. I'd have to say, get over it. This is war. Granted the time period and the fight was a humanatiarian war, but the atrocities were very real and only become clear as the novel progresses. Drummond is witty, sarcastic and self-deprecating. I look forward to reading more about this character, and certainly more from this author. So glad I discovered him. Thank you, Amazon, for offering this buy one, get one free deal!