Monday, July 13, 2009

Beautiful Lies (by Lisa Unger)

Reviewed by Tracy L. Karol (4 stars)

This book is not easy to pigeon hole. Unger's writing style is a cross between first person, almost a journal and even something of a blog at times. She breaks all the rules, but as the saying goes it's OK to break the rules as long as you know them, and Unger knows them, clearly. Still, be warned if you aren't a fan of nontraditional writing styles you should either avoid this book or open your mind to some great new writers...I suggest the latter.

Ridley Jones is both the narrator and main character in this novel, which seems to focus on how the little choices we make each day change the course of our lives. I didn't feel a lot of suspense through the book, but it did make me think and I read it in less than two days...a mark of a good read if it pulls me away from other things to finish it. In Ridley's case her little choices added up to one big one...saving a young boy's life, which led to the unraveling of her own. To me the subject was brilliant...I often womder what if I hadn't stopped impulsively to apply for that job where I met my husband? Or how many times have we avoided a deadly wreck because we left the house 5 minutes late? Ridley finds out that her life has been a lie based on little choices she makes. Unger's literary style works perfectly with this type of writing. I would have liked a bit more mystery or suspense but overall it really held my attention. Certainly recommend it.