Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Torn (by Chris Jordan)

Reviewed by Tracy L. Karol

I read "Taken," "Trapped," and now "Torn." Each had me riveted. I picked up Torn at a used bookstore (sorry Amazon), while I normally read everything on my Kindle, but I was looking for a book for my husband that the Kindle didn't carry and stumbled across it. Glad I did.

In "Torn," Shane is back to rescue another missing child. This time we learn a little more about Shane himself (if I remember correctly -- I might have to read the others again, which I probably will just for fun anyway). No one thinks the boy is alive except for his mother, Haley, whose husband died the year before. Turns out she has good reason for believing what she does: her husband had been in hiding his entire adult life from a cult-like group run by his father, and had hinted that something might happen to him. There is little evidence to suggest Haley's son is actually dead, and you can feel her agony. But she is no victim and insists on becoming a partner with Shane.

I won't give away any spoilers, but if you've read Jordan's previous two novels, you'll be happy with this one. And glad to see that he leaves it open for more sequels.

Oh, and if you have a Kindle, BUY the book. You won't be sorry. I would have read it much sooner had I found it on there.