Monday, July 13, 2009

Gone Tomorrow: A Jack Reacher Novel (Lee Child

Reviewed by Tracy L. Karol

Jack Reacher is one of my favorite fictional characters, along with Mitch Rapp, Elvis Cole and Joe Pike. I keep wondering who will play him in the films. In Gone Tomorrow he is back in top form: a hero who won't let go as he is sucked into yet another crisis. This time it's when he mistakenly id's a woman, Susan Mark, as a suicide bomber on a NY subway. As he works to unravel the mystery of why this woman really killed herself, as usual he won't let go when the authorities tell him to stay out of it. But this time Reacher is taking on a more global enterprise, and the hero in him refuses to let sleeping dogs lie (literally) when the pieces start to come together. The suspense builds, and it's an interesting twist as it's one of the few Reacher books told in first person. Much better than his last novel. I highly recommend it and look forward to the next installment in the Reacher series. This was not my favorite Lee Child book (that honor goes to one of his earlier efforts), but he's certainly back in top form and it's up there with the best of them.

On a side note, I also bought this on the Kindle and am rating the book, not the price. If you wait a week or so, maybe a bit longer, the price usually drops to the 9.99. I'm giving this 5 stars instead of 4 to make up for the 1 star ratings people gave because of the pricing. I bought a Kindle book today that I could have waited a few weeks for until the price went down, but wanted it bad enough to pay the extra few bucks. Just some advice...wait if you want to pay the lower price.